Service Dog Laws 

Careful of scams saying you need to have your
dog certified.  

Their is No Certified Service Dog Registry  
When people say their dog is certified 
tells me it is not.  

Always Check out all Service Dog Non-PROFITS at 

Charity 101 

ADA Laws

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Therapy Dog Laws

Therapy Dogs need to be registered if you want to 

take your dog to places to provide Dog Therapy.

Every place has their own rules. 

Bigger Places are getting harder to go in.  Some make you get registered with certain registers and some can cost over $800.00 plus monthly fees. I avoid them and stay away. 

Do not just show up and think you can do dog Therapy.

Gizmo went through

 Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Always have updated papers from your Vet
and and a copy to give to them.

They may take a photo of you and your dog.

Call ahead to know the best time and the rules
they have in place.

Learn the laws set by Federal court that allows you to keep your dog with you in any apartment or location.

ADA Laws

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Service Dog Card